Solar Transient


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Michael Locher (guitar), Urs Gut (vocals, bass), Pascal Gilgen (guitarspacenoise, clarinet, Korg Volca FM and vocals), David Müller (drums).

An album in a mood of change

This record with four songs marks Viaticum’s first sign of life after almost six years. SOLAR TRANSIENT starts where the last album ended: with a deep space noise orgy.

This time however more placable and with more confidence than the older works. The fact that a song called Farewell was picked as an opener is a result of many transitions, recommencements and the mood of change which constantly accompanies the album. The following Sweven can be described as the records acoustic haven of tranquility which nevertheless has an energetic and drifty vibe to it. From the first tones until the guitar cascades towards the end, the energy of the song builds up again and again like waves and cracks above the listeners. Shortly after it fades into a mystical absence of gravity. The Song creates an eleven-minute dream world which presents itself in rousing waves. This tendency is the theme of the album, as well as for Deluge - with just under eleven minutes another epic piece of work. After some rather slow, melancholic rhythms suddenly a raging ocean appears in the inner eye, a tsunami throwing itself screaming on rock faces. The album ends with Sun Goes Wild, that bastard of a song. Despite the sheer energy the composition has an easy and elaborated vibe to it, picks up the listener without any difficulty, shows more playful guitars and builds a bridge to the band’s musical past.

Viaticum recorded SOLAR TRANSIENT live in the studio. The album is overall more gently than its predecessors. It opens doors and invites listeners to drift. Despite all the upheavals the record seems original and fells like one unit with changes between calm, psychedelic passages and energetic escalations. So, despite all the changes, the band remains true to itself.


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