Ollie Osbourne

Red Tape Redemption

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All music written by Red Tape Redemption All lyrics by Lukas Oberholzer Red Tape Redemption on Ollie Osbourne are: Lukas Oberholzer - Vocals and Electric Guitar Tobias Kalt - Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar Overdubs Recording and mixing by Yvo Petrzilek, Verwaltzen Productions. Mastered by Justin Weis. Cover art by David Gabathuler Skateboard rider Sven Moser Photography by Lukas Oberholzer

The emerging rock band RED TAPE REDEMPTION continues its creative journey, proudly presenting their brand-new studio EP, "OLLIE OSBOURNE," on December 1, 2023.

Known for their unique blend of rock, blues rock, punk, and a deep connection to skateboarding, Red Tape Redemption has already garnered attention with their EP "Driving South," the exhilarating live version "Driving Live," and the soulful acoustic EP "Disassembled Man."

Now, they return with "Ollie Osbourne"! An EP that intertwines raw guitar riffs with catchy melodies, uniting energy and passion in five powerful songs.


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