Nightsky Wanderers


The yelling light



Lyrics & music by Daniele Brumana, guest solo Omar Fra. Written 2020, recorded 2021. Recorded by Daniele Brumana and Verwaltzen Productions. Produced by Yvo Petrzilek and Daniele Brumana. Mixed by Yvo Petrzilek. Mastered by Justin Weis.

After humbly realizing that dreams are indeed finite, Strobehazer gets into his 69’ Mustang and races back to his cyberspace home, crossing galaxies of inner turmoil and cohesion, all while chanting an ode to us, the peasants of everyday life. But before he knows it, a shroud of haze and the bright strobelight captures him yet again. A glittering figure is about to emerge.


The yelling light
c/o Christian Poffet
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