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**Current line-up:** Michael Locher (guitar), Urs Gut (vocals, bass), Pascal Gilgen (guitarspacenoise, clarinet, Korg Volca FM and vocals), Jonas (drums).

2014, «Kosmikrock» came to life. The songtitles seem to be even more confusing («Fat Heart», «Colonize Me Gently», «shittle-12 hates people») than on their first release, and still Viaticum doesn't seem to care much about fitting into certain categories. Their tunes range from metallic and heavy sounds and spacey guitar riffs to melodic vocal leads. You like drum rolls? You'll like «hintergrunderfüllung». You'd enjoy two minutes of noise and ear crushing feedback? Make sure to check out «shittle-12 hates people». While there's a lot of different things to enjoy on «Kosmikrock» (which by the way isn't only the title of that record but also the genre Viaticum invented themselves), it's fair to say that this album may not be for everyone. It's not easy listening, not what you'd be playing on a first date or something to fall asleep to. Being overflowed by such a variety of noises can be quite exhausting, but, if you really listen to it, watchful to catch all the nibbles and bits scraped together, «Kosmikrock» will reveal its deepest secrets to you and you'll be amazed by how much thought and consideration can be found within these eight tracks.


The yelling light
c/o Christian Poffet
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