Finite Dreams


The yelling light



Music written, recorded and played by Strobehazer (Except bass on Strobehazed: Written and recorded by Yvo Petrzilek. Lyrics by Strobehazer. Produced by Strobehazer and Yvo Petrzilek. Mixed and Mastered by Yvo Petrzilek at Verwaltzen Productions Kollbrunn. Front cover photograph by Christian Poffet. Backcover photographs by Fiona Good. Layout by Strobehazer.

The single features two songs and will be released digitally, as well as on 7’’ vinyl, through THE YELLING LIGHT. A full length album and live shows are planned for early 2021. Until then; blast these two songs at max volume through the speakers of your DeLorean, as you rage back through time.


The yelling light
c/o Christian Poffet
Oberseenerstrasse 79
CH-8405 Winterthur
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