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Red Tape Redemption

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Red Tape Redemption is Lukas Oberholzer & Tobias Kalt. Additional guitars on Coffee by Simon Gabathuler (Electric Fluid, The Mailbox Project). Additional guitars on Longer Nights by Sebastian Vogt (The Kushan Empire, Forlet Sires, Megaton Sword). Recorded on 20 March, 2021 at Krempel Tanzbar in Buchs, SG. Mixed by Verwaltzen Productions. Mastered by Justin Weis. Lights by Daniele Brumana. Technical assistants by Manuel Steiner. Camera operators: David Gabathuler & Jonathan Giger. Video editing by David Gabathuler.

The purpose of Driving Live was not only to produce another pandemic-streamingconcert-thingy, but more the event itself. So Red Tape Redemption gathered befriended musicians, artists and technicians (experienced or not) to capture the live performance of three songs of their debut EP.


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