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Red Tape Redemption are: Lukas Oberholzer - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar Tobias Kalt - MicroKorg, Korg MS20, Acoustic and Electric Guitar. Recorded by Red Tape Redemption at Cosy Penthouse Recordings in spring 2022. Mixed by Yvo Petrzilek, Verwaltzen Productions. Mastered by Justin Weis. photography by Lukas Oberholzer.Band photography by David Gabathuler. Artwork by Cosy Penthouse Design

With DISASSEMBLED MAN the Swiss-two-piece Red Tape Redemption presents their third release since they started playing in 2020. After their more blues and stoner rock oriented debut EP Driving South and its corresponding live derivation Driving Live, Red Tape Redemption steps outside their comfort zone and presents with DISASSEMBLED MAN a more folklore and atmospheric acoustic EP.

The idea of doing an acoustic EP evolved from the second track Disassembled which is usually played by the band in a heavier and more doom oriented fashion. Since the track seemed to work well with more synthesizer layers applied, but could then not be performed within the usual two-piece set up of Red Tape Redemption, an alternative acoustic version of Disassembled was arranged and the idea of a short acoustic EP started to evolve.

After the opening track Better man was written, the band set-up some microphones in the drummer’s living room and recorded DISASSEMBLED MAN in two takes. Additionally a video of the recording session was recorded and will be available on the bands YouTube-Channel.

Red Tape Redemption on this record is Lukas Oberholzer on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar and Tobias Kalt on Synthesizer, Acoustic and Electric Guitar. Recorded on 24 April, 2022 at Cosy Penthouse Recordings in Buchs, SG. Mixed by Verwaltzen Productions. Mastered by Justin Weis.


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