Welcome to The yelling light


Welcome to The yelling light

The yelling light started in October 2018 as a photography project. Two years later it transformed into a one-man music agency.

The goal of the project is to help and support artists. It is important to me that artists are allowed to live out their artistic freedom. The yelling light is supposed to develop itself in DIY manner. Slowly, but steadily.

The yelling light is an association in the meantime. The association pursues no commercial purposes, is not profit-oriented as well as denominationally and politically neutral. All profits from the association remain in the association and thus benefit the artists.

Recently, the one-man project has developed into a small team. Sarah helps with the texts and the newsletter. Chris has created this new, absolutely great website. Thanks a lot for your support!

In near future more helpers will join and I'm looking forward to see how the light will yell brighter and brighter.

I would also like to thank all those who read this text. Especially in these times it is important to support alternative music. With the new website it is certainly easier to listen to and discover music supported by The yelling light. I wish you a ton of fun!



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