About Trip Me Tender & Kosmikrock: Viaticum's first two classics


After the release of their newest record «Solar Transient», we should also be talking about Viaticum's earlier recordings.

13 songs in total, only one as short as 4:44 minutes, while the average length lies more around double that. First, there was «Trip Me Tender», released ten years ago.

Still rough around the edges, still exploring and finding their path, Viaticum wrote songs with somehow disturbing titles and lyrics («Fuck The Bird», «Bury The Child») and took turns in experimenting with different styles and genres while keeping their spheric and somewhat gloomy attitude.
There's some hard and noisey stuff, there are some lovely melodies and there's even some acapella. Not very sunshiny acapella though. Still, this is some heavy rock.

Three years later, «Kosmikrock» came to life. The song titles seem to be even more confusing («Fat Heart», «Colonize Me Gently», «shittle-12 hates people») than on their first release, and still Viaticum doesn't seem to care much about fitting into certain categories. Their tunes range from metallic and heavy sounds and spacey guitar riffs to melodic vocal leads.


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