Solar Transient: Viaticum's latest Hymns. Now at The yelling light


Some things take their time to grow. Like the Giant Himalayan Lily or the Kurinji Plant. Or the Madagascar Palm. Or «Solar Transient», Viaticums latest release.

After six years, the four men from Winterthur finally got to put out a new album, recorded by Verwaltzen Productions. According to the band, the album didn't come to them easily and «has taken many hurdles to finally be there».
And now it doesn't come to us easily. It took time to create and it takes time to listen. Not only because the songs on «Solar Transient» are – with one exception – roughly eleven minutes long, but rather because the music brought to us by Viaticum on this record isn't like some light beer or wine cooler to sip while watching the sunset.

It's obscure, tangled, nebulous, disturbing at times while on the other hand comfortingly soft and simply wonderful. Powerful and yet with a great sense of distress, the four songs are reminders of getting lost in the dark and not being sure whether you really want to find your way back home.

«Solar Transient» was originally released in fall 2020, perfectly matching the mood swings, frustrations and wishes of said very weird and especially confusing times. Even though the songs had been written a long time before a pandemic rolled around and changed our lives for good. Now that summer is coming, there is hope the band will get to play these songs on stage some day soon. Until then, we can listen to «Solar Transient» through pretty much every channel we feel comfortable with and take up residence in the imaginary place this record built.


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