The Least Evil

The Least Evil is a fresh Rock Band from Winterthur, Switzerland.


Andy and Simon know each other since 2002, while being in several punk, metal and grunge bands. In 2014, they started their own project. The Least Evil was born. Andy, the former bassist and back vocalist changed to the guitar and lead vocal. Simon kept doing what he does best: playing the drums. From then on, they played as a two-man-band for their headbanging fans. They describe their sound as energetic, diversified, melodic post-grunge. In May 2020 Gian joined the group supporting the band on the bass.

2020 - The lesser of two evils is still evil

All songs written and performed by Andreas Good & Simon Wettstein. Recorded at working class recordings, Winterthur. Mixed by Jeannot Steck. Mastered by Dan Sutter.
Photograph & coverart by Frédéric Andres.


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