A glittering figure emerging from a shroud of haze, stepping into the stroboscope light, Strobehazer is sent straight from the 80s to abduct you into a vibrant realm of Synthesizers and neon lights, spandex pants and wild nights that never end.


Since Strobehazer’s first encounter with 80s music in his early childhood, an ever growing nostalgia for that decade’s music has been evoked, resulting in this very Synth-pop project and the release of a first single entitled FINITE DREAMS. Influenced by the 70s and 80s AOR- and Pop-giants, combined with a Heavy Metal aesthetic, Strobehazer creates danceable ballads evoking simpler times.

07/03/2020 Release of Finite Dreams (single) digital & vinyl.

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Strobehazer has various music projects like: Megaton Sword, Forlet Sires, Woeful Silence, Geist Elbereth


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