Jazzy harmonies and dreamy melodies


To create music is not to be guided by schemas. It is to set out on a journey and to perceive small impulses. To listen to oneself at the right time, in order to give expression to the previously unknown. A confrontation with life and the end. On our journey, we encounter monumental moments, sometimes fragile ones, but it is exactly in the noisy tangle that something like madness, despair and beauty shines through again and again. The longer we walk down this path, the more diverse the spectrum becomes and so far, there is no end in sight. Tugging, unpleasant, melancholic - but also hopeful and irconic. These are the associations, that can be found in the songs of the band Jarls from Winterthur. When we speak of Jarls, it is pointless to speak of one specific genre. They combine different musical styles into one and thereby create their own unique style, which is diverse and coherent in itself. Sound worlds as an accompaniment to a complex world, which seems to be full of contradictions and despite dystopian tendencies, always finds a deep and almost magical peace.


Ana Sanchez - Vocals / Synth

Janosch Brauchli - Guitar

Michael Weber - Drums

Sirius Haltmeier - Bass / Backing Vocals

Releases through The yelling light


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