The Hathors were the apprentices in the temple of the goddess Hathor in ancient Egypt. Today it's a rock band signed at Noisolution.


Some rock bands carry the burden of the world on their shoulders. Others just want to party. Hathors used to be firmly parked in the former camp. No longer! Hathors have made a discovery: Life isn’t life if there isn’t also a little light and love involved. The title of their new album gives it away, “Grief, Roses and Gasoline”. Roses? Anger about all sorts of social injustice (“Grief”) and sadness about the way we abuse the environment (“Gasoline”), like guitars, bass and drums, have been a part of Hathors from the very beginning. The roses, however, they are fresh. They stand for a warmer strand of emotions, a new lust for life, that flows through the album even when it makes the walls shake.

Hathors are Marc Bouffé (guitar, vocals, sax), Dominique Destraz (drums) und Thorsten (bass). Marco (Bubonix, Ex-Lyvten, Ex-Six Reasons To Kill) recently replaced Simeon Thompson who played on the recordings for “Grief, Roses and Gasoline”.

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